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Name of organization/institution Adress, city, country Contact person Email Website Phone Field of work Interested in: (what field of work, what kind of projects) Comments
Go Green Skopje Kukushka 4A, 1000 Skopje Blaze Josifovski +38975288104 environment protection cross border cooperation for environment protection /
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Centar za Edukativen i Kulturen Razvoj RACIO Skopje Krste Asenov 7/3-1 Fahmi Osmani 0038970420705 Education, youth,culture Education,culture, environment, climate change, entrepreneurhip, We want cooperations vith NGO and Intitutions
Municipality of Kratovo Square Pavel Shatev br 1 Ivan Ivanovski +38931481202 / Infrastructure, tourism, environment, culture /
Municipality of Aerodrom Bou. Jane Sandanski No.109B Martina Sajkova 0038970 328 952 Local Economic Development Environment, Tourism, Culture, Digitalization economy
Society for Education and Entrepreneurship Development 111 Eqrem Çabej, Biblioteka e Re, Lower Level - Corner Office, Prishtinë 10000 Anita Tahiri N/a 0038349338364 Entrepreneurship, Economic Development Capital investment, Incubation, Trainings and Workshops for youth financial empowerment N/a
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Municipality of Aerodrom Jane Sandanski 109 B Dana Gapkovska ++389 70 399 786 local self government unit environment, tourism, local economic development We would like to find municipality partner from Kosovo for future cooperation on different calls (EU and non EU donors)
Center for Education and Innovative Learning-STEMLab Ilindenska, 177 - Lok.4 Ramadan Aliti 0038971668068 Education, STEM, Innovation, K-12 education Education, Youth, STEM, SDG, Environmental, Energy Meet and Code Finalists, accreditation, STEM certified trainers, Falling Walls Finalists
STEM education Ilindenska, 177 - Lok.4 Ramadan Aliti 0038971668068 Education, Innovation Education, Youth, STEM FB: @STEMLabTE
Public Enterprise National Broadcasting bul. Goce Delcev nr.18 Platin Sali +38975276282 Broadcasting Broadcasting and Telecommunications National Broadcasting North Macedonia is a Public Enterprise, which operates in the field of broadcasting (FM and DTT) where other fields such as Broadband etc. are in our daily operations. We do seek partnerships and corporation with companies, NGO etc. that are in the same field of work or similar.
Municipality of Gazi Baba - Skopje Arhimedova 2, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia Sasho Trajkov +389(02)3226655 Thematic Priority 3 environment protection We are looking for Co-Applicant (Municipality from Kosovo), with experience in applying to EU-IPA-CBC
Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation - Skopje - MEDF Nikola Parapunov str. 41a, 1060, Skopje, North Macedonia Dimitar Smiljanovski +389 2 3088 992 Entrepreneurship, Tourism, Cultural Heritage, Cultural and Creative Industry, Employment, Social Cohesion, Trainings Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage . MEDF has experience in Tourism Sector, Cultural Heritage and Cultural and Creative Industry. (capacity building, grant management, mapping of tourism products, services, sites and promotion) MEDF is an NGO from North Macedonia from Skopje with over 22 years of experience in the field of support to small and medium enterprises and economic development programmes. We are searching for a potential partner from the Kosovo side, preferably local authority.
Skating Federation of North Macedonia ul. Pando Kljaseb br. 11 Cvetanka Makarovski, President of Skating Federation +38978236791 Figure skating/sport promotion of sport tourism by modernizing an existing ice rink by introducing energy efficiency methods of functioning We would very much appreciate if you could propose any contacts in Kosovo of organizations which would be our partners in applying for the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Kosovo - The Republic of North Macedonia.
Kosovo Council for Cultural Heritage Kompleksi Rilindja, Kont.3 Argjenda Kojqini +38344443289 Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage /
Assosiation "Regional Center of Cooperation SPECTAR" Nikola Tesla 57, Kriva Palanka, Macedonia Metodi Cvetkovski +389 78 323 379 Entrepreneurship, Tourism,Culture,Education, Economic growth Tourism, Culture, Entrepreneurship Experience in realization of projects from cross-border IPA programs
NGO Milenium ilindenska 18/a , Tetovo , North Macedonia Taxhedin Selimi 0038978322444 Education, Culture, Rural Development, Tourism Tourism, Culture, Education, Rural Development /
ODA Pallati i Rinise, 111 Florent Mehmeti 0038349246555 Culture, Culture in Education, Cultural Policy, Art in Public Space Culture, cultural entrepreneurship, cultural tourism, Culture/Arts in Education, Art in public space Founded in 2004.
Institute for Policy Analysis Rr. Naser Hajrizi, 29A, Prishtine, Kosova Dea Gecaj +383 49 281 271 Research and Analysis Cooperation among countries None
Kosovo Architecture Foundation / The Office for Urban Regeneration Hakif Zejnullahu S11 1/4, 1000 Prishtina, Kosovo Rudina Voca +37744124371 housing, urban planning, urban sustainability, built cultural heritage urban sustainability, housing, cultural heritage Open to collaboration with likeminded NGO's
Center for Educational and Cultural Development "RACIO" Krste Asenov 7-3/1, Skopje 1000 Nusret Iseini 0038979253454 Education, Culture, Communication, Leadership, Inclusion Culture and Education Open for collaboration and ready to help with anything we can
Association for educationsl purposes DM Languages s.Kuklish , br.283 Strumica Danche Miteva No website 00389 71910865 Formal and informal education Every type of projects that contribute to a more developed society Seeking for initiatives for cross-border cooperation
Association Multikultura Dervish Cara 5/2-2, Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia Arlinda Ilazi 0038944377775 Inter-ethnic tolerance and cooperation, human rights, youth and marginalized group entrepreneurship, social services Active participation of youth in decision-making at local and national level; Intercultural dialogue at national and international level; Tolerance and peaceful conflict resolution; Reducing unemployment and furthering social integration of youth; Free le Seeking for initiatives for cross-border cooperation
NGO Humanitarian and Charitable Association "Saint Mother Teresa" Bajram Shabani 150, 1300 Kumanovo, Macedonia m-r Arbnor Tefiku +38970455003 The Humanitarian and Charitable Association "Saint Mother Teresa"-Kumanovo is: By organizing humanitarian and charitable activities to contribute to mitigating the consequences of a possible economic crisis, social and social crisis, organizing humanitari Rehabilitating and developing orphans, semi-orphans, destitute and other disadvantaged and destitute through appropriate programs / schemes. Producing self-reliant, resourceful and responsible individuals as well as communities. Enabling the downtrodden The HCHA ?Saint Mother Teresa? is a value driven organisation. It strongly believes that values are the The HCHA ?Saint Mother Teresa? on which an organisation is built and these represent the core beliefs and convictions of an organisation. In fact, they describe what the organisation stands for. Values establish moral and ethical priorities, which serve to guide all organisational activities. The organisational principles, standards and qualities are also reflected through its practicing values. The HCHA ?Saint Mother Teresa? has identified the following organisational core values and it places equal importance on all the values. ? Humanitarian and Charitable activities ? Ensuring participation ? Effective networking ? Transparency and accountability ? Credibility ? Promoting and adapting innovative methods ? Dynamism and professionalism ? Secular and democratic environment ? Gender inclusive
SEEUTechPark Ilindenska 335, Tetovo 1200, R. Macedonia Visar Demiri +38971247911 Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Education, Technology, Information Technology, Employability Entrepreneurship, Education, Innovation none
LI City Museum Kriva Palanka 134 St. Yoakim osogovski street, Kr. Palanka, Macedonia Dragan Velichkovski 0038976337467 Museum, culture, tourism Tourism NO
NGO CIVIC DEVELOPMENT Vaksince-Lipkovo,Kumanovo-Macedonia m-r Arbnor Tefiku +389(0)70455003 ; +389(0)72306418 Monitoring,Protection,Promoting environmental awareness,Human rights, persons with disabilities, youth, elections, employment, social services Civic Development,Culture,Research and analysis, training on employability skills, soft skills, creative skills, Humanitarian Aid etc. Objective of this organization is to provide a more constructive role of civil society in building the public policies and decision making at all levels in the country through the improvement of inter-ethnic communication and trust. "CD" cooperates with many other organizations including their cross-border cooperation. Development and cooperation between organizations will raises its cooperation which will help in finding the appropriate solution to the social problems of the region.
Association of citizens - Center for Knowledge Management 11 Oktomvri, 25, Skopje, Macedonia Andrijana Bogdanovska Djurovic +38970606060 Innovation and entrepreneurship, competitiveness, knowledge management processes, research and analysis, policy analysis CKM is interested in projects in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship. We are looking partner organisations (NGOs) for cross-border cooperation.
Center for Knowledge Management 11 Oktomvri 25 Dr. Andrijana Bogdanovska Gj. 389 78 30 15 40 Innovation, competitivness, enterprenuership Innovation, competitivness, enterprenuership please send short info on your organization
Municipality of Karpos Radika no.9, Skopje, Macedonia Marina Filiposka +38972766066 Local economic development Tourism High quality staff and open for collaboration in the field of local economic development, tourism, environment and energy efficiency
Municipality of Vrapcishte Komuna Vrapcisht, Macedonia Bari Ebibi +389(0)42 332 378 Municipalities overall administration Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage Also we are interested Protecting the environment, promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation, risk prevention and management
Geo-SEE Institute str. Djon Kenedi, 25/4-20, 1010 Skopje-Chair, Macedonia Bashkim Idrizi +38975712998 Geo sciences Environment, tourism, GIS, web geo portals High quality staff and open for collaboration
Kosovo Center for International Cooperation (KCIC) Gjilan, Rexhep Dajkovci, 48 Enver Keqiku +377 44 177 320 Democratic Reform in Kosovo, Capacity Building & Employment of youth, New Media & Digital Rights, Transparency and accountability, Elections Enhancing competitiveness, business and SME development, trade and investment /
Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development Sejdi Kryeziu street no.58, Prishtina, Kosovo Kreshnik Lleshi +37744169426 Entrepreneurship, economic growth, connection for young entrepreneurs in local and regional level, Enhancing competitiveness, business and SME development, trade and investment CEED KOSOVO works with entrereneurs in order to privide capacity building (training for Business growth, soft skills), access to local and regional networks (B2B, Business Conferences and fairs), access to capital. We also grow the level of entrepreneurial knowledge and promote entrepreneurship as a positive value of society, which creates innovative and open community
Association for promotion and development of an inclusive society Inkluziva Oktomvriska revolucija 56-1/1, 1300 Kumanovo, Macedonia Elena Chekorova +38970223809 Human rights, persons with disabilities, youth, elections, employment, social services Research and analysis, training on employability skills, soft skills, creative skills, advocacy and lobbying, public policy documents /
Macedonian Center for Culture and Development P.O. Box 11, 1060, Gjorce Petrov, Skopje Mr. Nelko Nelkovski + 389 70 20 58 39 culture, sport, prevention, cross-border cooperation, Enhancing competitiveness, business and SME development, trade and investment We are waiting for your initiative for cross-border coooperation
Community Development Initiatives (CDI) Rr. Nak Berisha Nr. 12, Prishtina, 10 000, Kosovo Mr. Arwid Hall +381 (0) 38 222 668 drinking water, wastewater, environmental protection, health awareness, civic awareness drinking water, wastewater, environmental protection, health awareness, civic awareness CDI has significant experience in large scale donor and state funded projects.
Joint Technical Secretariat Str. Gjergj Sereqi, no. 4 Gjilan, Kosovo Albertina Binaku/Berat Limani +381 280 310538 JTS EU projects; projects engancing competitiveness, project developing tourism /